Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Adult Dyslexia as a money making machine

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I might just be having a bad week but everywhere I look I see products and services out to rip off adult dyslexics. If you are an adult with reading difficulties and suspect you are dyslexic , let me save you some money by giving you the results of any on line dyslexia test. The results will show you are dyslexic. The reason I say that is by the definition of not being a dyslexic , having normal or expected reading skills, the person who is not dyslexic is not going to be taking the dyslexia test.

It doesn't even matter if you are dyslexic or not and dyslexia is not the only reason for poor reading skills. Having English as a second language 20 or more years ago or missing a lot of school because you were ill come to mind as common reasons the educational system might have failed for an individual. Simplistic adult dyslexia tests are just going to identify poor readers as being dyslexic.

All these dyslexia tests for adults suggest once you know you are confirmed dyslexic it is easy to find a program to help your dyslexia, easy to complete the program and then blue skies forever. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it is just not so. There may be the rare adult program available maybe even free but generally free programs if available are for children.

This is where I should be putting the answer to all your dyslexia problems for $29.99, get it today, limited offer and all the other hype for a product that isn't going to help anybody. I don't have such a product.

That hasn't stopped others from claiming to have the answer. To be fair I haven't reviewed this book but when the normal selling price is over $1 a page I think that it is going to be over priced. Here is the reason for my rant today. This is not new information !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Notice that almost every topic is covered in 1 page. Some pages cover 2 topics. I know that being concise and to the point is a virtue in writing but you can't cover much in a 2-3 page chapter. Chapters 4, 5,6,7,11,12 ,13,15 are all of 1 page long.

Look at their P.S. P.P.S. and P.P.P.S . and what they claim you will get from this book. I don't believe it!

how to cure dyslexia

table of contents

P.S. Remember when I told you about those tips above? You could be enjoying the freedom from worry right now! Act Today!

P.P.S You could be enjoying the freedom and happiness that comes with controlling your dyslexia symptoms....Don't wait another minute! Join the hundreds of others that are completely impressed with the product!

P.P.P.S. After this special pre-launch offer, I will be raising the price tag back up to the original $34.00 price. Advertising online can get very expensive, and I'm not even sure if I can keep this offer up much longer!


I assembled these useful links as a resource for dyslexics without visual dyslexia.

These links were chosen because they either offer free services or information about dyslexia that is presented in an objective manner.

useful links

If you are the type of person that thinks something only has value if it costs money you can send me the $29.99 LOL .

Monday, April 20, 2009

Garbage Dyslexia Spam Ravina Reading Center Chicago

I get annoyed sometimes when dyslexia spam fills my mailbox because I have google alerts for dyslexia. The latest is being put out by Ravinia Reading Center in Chicago and is an article that bashes everyone so that people looking for dyslexia will turn to this source of dyslexia wisdom. I have seen this garbage dyslexia article in about 20 alerts so far. That is about what I usually see on a real new dyslexia topic.

The title is Reputable Dyslexia Clinics Teach Dyslexic Kids and Adults More Effectively than Unspecialized Instructors.

Here is their deal . They charge about $100/hour and suggest 2 hours a week all year long . That's $10,000 a year . They are so good at what they do that you can expect the program to last 1,3 or 5 years or until you run out of money.

They mention Orton Gillingham as a method but say about the center's head" Dr. Shapiro has elected not to pursue recertification as a Fellow of the Academy."

All instructors are Speech Language Pathologist .

Here is a real gem of useful information." A pediatrician is often the 1st diagnostician to explore the nature of the problem. The doctor should figure out if the origin of the difficulty in reading by taking a standard physical examination and interviewing a thorough health history."

So what should the pediatrician do ???? If indicated, the patient could be referred for {a neurological examination I can only guess that when you take your child for a physical exam to determine why he or she has reading problems he or she can be evaluated for severe head trauma as a cause.

Well what to do if the pediatrician and the neurologist have not found the cause of the reading problem????????????????? "If dyslexia is instead suspected, the doctor should refer the struggling reader for intervention by a speech-language pathologist or needed testing with a specialized tester in learning disabilities."

Well what advice can I get from the website about testing ?????????????????????" No dyslexia test or evidence is necessary to confirm a reading difficulty, other than observed difficulty reading. It’s really that simple."

So let me recap . How should parents find help in Chicago for poor reading children suspected of dyslexia.????????????????? Between the article and the website the answer is to just sign up for the $10,000 a year program no testing needed.

I assume that the people expect that having dozens of random blogs ( I suspect paid) post an article with a link back to Ravinia Reading Center in Chicago is enough to get high ranking in the search engines.

What is funny in my opinion is that local search engine results are easy to get. This post will probably end up next to their search engine results.

What does the article say about finding dyslexia interventions ?????????????????????????????
"Despite the fact that it’spossible to locate good dyslexia help in most big cities, exercise caution. Ignorant, uneducated practitioners are marketing lies. Some solutions are out there as dyslexia treatments like colored overlays for “dyslexia reading glasses”. If dyslexia tools like these help with any disability or problem, it is surely not dyslexia, and could be nothing more than quack science."

Since I have developed See Right Dyslexia Glasses and market those glasses with a money back guarantee I would usually just comment on the blog posts of articles like this one to set the record straight. Every blog with this article on it has had their comments closed.

Visitors to my blog never find closed comments. My blog tries to weed out bad dyslexia information and the article and dyslexia help business in Chicago is as bad as any I have sen in a long time. BTW all the spelling errors are from my copying and pasting from the article or website.