Saturday, January 24, 2009

Visual dyslexia videos

Without getting too technical, the visual noise that causes visual dyslexia is generated by a finite group of wavelengths of light . A particular dyslexic may be adversely affected by one or more wavelengths from that finite group. Different dyslexics may be affected by different wavelengths but they will all be from that finite group.

The good news is that by filtering out all the wavelengths of light from that group at the same time a universal visual dyslexia filter has been developed that can remove all the visual noise for all visual dyslexics . This filter is used for the lenses of See Right Dyslexia Glasses and is effective at removing all the visual problems for all visual dyslexics.

Visual dyslexia exists across a spectrum from mild to severe and it is impossible to depict the variations of severity or all the different manifestations of visual distortions that visual noise causes and how the individual brain responds to that visual noise.

I have collected a few visual dyslexia videos and posted them on my web site where they are easier to view than here. Together they give a fair picture or representation of the types of visual problems that cause difficulty reading for visual dyslexics.


Medical Information said...

Dyslexia is a neurological development disorder. The symptoms are clear but there is no proper medication found on it. It is also found in children. Sometimes it becomes difficult to explain dyslexia. Video is a good method to make people understand. To get more knowledge on dyslexia, refer causes dyslexia

hayesatlbch said...

Dyslexia is complex. The focus of this blog is visual dyslexia which is a subset of dyslexia that involves problems seeing text which makes reading difficult and results in slow inaccurate reading with comprehension problems.

Reading comprehension problems from visual dyslexia are mostly the result of the extra effort needed to make sense of what is seen coupled with reading inaccuracy and lower reading speed. While the end result may be similar to the more common processing problems of dyslexia the cause is substantially different.

While visual dyslexia and dyslexia may co-exist making the resulting reading problems difficult to assign to one or the other, the pure visual dyslexic's only problems are visual and unrelated to language processing and other common dyslexia problems .

In hindsight most parents can report language development differences for their dyslexic children even before they entered school. That is not the case for visual dyslexics as their difficulties seeing text are unrelated to language development pre school.

It was interesting to read your description of dyslexics in past life regression as maybe not being dyslexic in their past life. I am not sure how useful that information is but it was interesting. In my opinion , to be a little more mainstream , it seems that it might be realistic to suspect that some measure of a dyslexic's poor reading performance may be due to stress that is generated from being asked to perform reading tasks. The hypnotism involved in past life regression does involve the subject being in a relaxed state of mind and better able to spell.

Trying to perhaps develop something useful about dyslexia from your information I suggest that it would be reasonable to suggest that at least some dyslexics would benefit from learning relaxation methods.

It might be possible to investigate that by testing some dyslexics before and during hypnosis to see if being in a relaxed hypnotic state improves their reading .

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